Friday, February 13, 2009

ACT III Thoughts

Please respond to these questions with a comment to this post. Thanks and enjoy your long weekend!

1. How did working in your Acting Companies go for Act II?
2. What were your general comments about the Acting Companies? Did you like working in that group or not? Why?
3. What is one thing that went well in your Acting Companies?
4. What is one thing that could have gone better in your Acting Companies?
5. What is one thing that we (Mrs. Leclaire and Mr. Ruggles) can do to improve your Acting Companies?
6. Would you want to work in your Acting Companies again for Act III?
7. What type of activities do you want to do with Act III? Do you want to have them read aloud like Act I, acted out like Act II, somewhere in the middle, or something completly different?
8. General thoughts about Macbeth...ideas to try, how's it going, are you understanding it, do you like the week-long homework aspect, other thoughts?


Shay N said...

Things went pretty well for my group; we probably could have been a little more creative and into the scene. I thought that overall the acting was fun and made Macbeth a little more interesting. One thing that went well was that we were able to get our puppets done and were able to practice very quickly. One thing we could have done better is spent more time on our puppets and make them either funny or better looking. One thing you could do to improve the Acting Companies would be to let us choose our groups so that we are more comfortable and would put more emotion into the scene. I would work in Acting Companies again if we got to either choose our group or one other person to work with. I think we should do something completely different for Act 3 because doing the same thing over and over will make the book so dry and boring. I understand what is going on and it’s nice to have a teacher next to you that’s able to explain what’s going on. I like the week long homework but I think it still can be a lot.

jamieG said...
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jamieG said...

1. It was good, slightly awkward because our group didn’t really know each other.

2.Yes, I liked working in a group because I wouldn’t have been able to do that on my own.

3.Our communication was good, and that made it easy to understand how our skit was going to go.

4.More creativity.

5.Let us choose our groups because when your around people you know you tend to branch out more.


7.Something completely different, maybe use movie maker again.

8.Honestly, no. Macbeth is very hard to comprehend but then again it is Shakespeare.

BrianW said...

Acting in our companies was pretty fun I would like to do it for act 3, I felt like I knew scene two more clearly after we did it. We should have acted it out more in ours we stood there too much because we didn’t fully memorize our lines. I think it would be even better if we could switch people into new groups each time just to mix it up. I would want to act it out up in front then do the acting companies. I like it I think we should watch the other movies as well to see how other people portray the play.

RachelK said...

1. Working with my acting company for act 2 went pretty well. We were a little stressed on performance day, but we improvised and got through it.

2.I liked working in my group because we were pretty creative and just had fun.

3.One thing that went well in my acting company is the way we improvised when one of our group members was out sick the day we performed.

4.One thing that could've gone better is everybody being in costume, even if they're narrating.

5.One thing Mr. Ruggles and Mrs. Leclaire can do to improve our acting companies is to give us more time to pull things together and a longer time to get more creative.

6.Yea, I like my acting company.But a little change wouldn't hurt I guess.

7.Acted out like act 2 because it was fun to work in a group and to be creative.

8.I think that Macbeth is going well. Except it could a little more hands-on, kinda like the acting companies. It helps a lot to understand the act/scenes better.

Mark W said...

1. I thought working with my group was fun but we needed to work with each other more to make things clear.
2. The Acting Companies were well put together and creative. I liked working with my group because I had fun and so did my group.
3. Our whole group was prepared on Tuesday and we were all wearing black or neon.
4. Our group could've used a little more time acting out the lines.
5. I think you as the teachers should give us more time to perfect our acting.
6. I would like to act out Act 3 but with different groups in order to work with new people.
7. I think the class should act out Act 3 in Acting Companies.
8. I like the way Macbeth has started. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next in Act 3.

alenav said...

It was good, but i think it would have been better if we got to chose our own groups and had more time to put it together.

I liked the group work because we got a lot of ideas from each other.

Preparing and creativity.

Give us more time and let us pick our own groups.

Not the same ones because it would get boring and we would probably do a lot of the same things.

Something different

I don't like the week long homework assignment, it seems like it is a lot more work and that there are better ways to learn it, because i am not comprehending what is going on very well.

Emma said...

1) I thought that things went pretty well, i just think it would have helped if we had more time
2)Yea, i liked my group. We had fun with setting our scene up.
3)I think that we did a good job costumes and our background and props.
4)Probably being a little more prepared on acting day as far as what we were actually going to do during the performance.
5)One thing that you could do to improve our acting companies is to give us more time.
6)Yea it was more fun than having to read through all of the scenes in class.
7)Acting it out again.
8) Macbeth is really hard to understand but the acting companies kinda helped.

Anonymous said...

1. Working in our acting companies went pretty welll, it was nice to do something different.
2. I liked my group alot, and we worked pretty well together.
3. We could have been more creative and prepared more in advance. We also could have put a little more time into some parts of our skit.
4. Being more prepared and having more specific directions.
5. Give more specific directions about exactly what we're supposed to do and not have us spend time on busy-work or things that do not help us when we actually have to perform it.
6. I would... but somehting different would also be nice.
7. We could use movie maker or photostory or do a combination of acting companies and reading or something.
8. I really don't like this book and it's really hard to understand. But it's shakespeare and that's always hard to understand, and we have to read it anyway. So overall it's going ok.

AprilH said...

Working in my acting company went pretty well. My group was pretty good but, I just think we could've been a little more creative. One thing that went well in our acting company was that if someone was stuck on something the other person would help them. One thing that could've gone better was the puppets we could've tried to make them look a little better. One thing Mr. Ruggles and Mrs. Leclaire can help improve is let us chose our groups. No I wouldn't want to work in Acting Companies. I like it when we read aloud all together in class and discuss what the scene is about because that helps me.I think we should just stick with doing it as a class and discussing it as a class so that you know that everyone is understanding the book. I also like watching the other movies and comparing them to the book. The week long homework can sometimes be too much but it can help you understand.

JasonV said...

1. Working in my company went well because I k new everybody in it and they did what they were supposed to.
2. I thought that some of the companies needed more time but they were fun to do and I liked them more than just reading the book.
3. We all did our jobs
4. We could have had jobs that were more fun to do.
5. Have more guidelines and give us a little more time or don't do it right before a weekend.
6. Yes I would.
7. I want to have them acted out or maybe we could all have two weeks to make a movie or something
8. I understand it but some parts are kind of hard for me and the people around me, Mr.Ruggles explains it well though so I really don't have that many suggestions.

Macy said...

1. Overall my group worked pretty well together.
2. I definitely liked working in a group for Act II, it made the act more easier to understand.
3. We all had great ideas and incorporated them all.
5. Next time we should try to pick our own groups.
6. Yeah.
7. Acting them was fun or like Jamie said using movie maker.
8. I think week long homework still can be a lot plus, I would probably forget to do it. And Macbeth is way confusing.

georged said...

1. We worked well enough together, no issues.
2. While there was nothing bad per se about the acting companies, it did not seem like an effective nor efficient method to understand Macbeth.
3. We all ended up understanding our scene very well
4. We could have been more creative in our presentation. But seriously, that takes too much effort
5. spend less time talking about the acting companies and just let us work together
6. No
7. For Act 3, we should watch all of the movie version first so that we basically understand what the plot is, then as a class (or even individually) read through the text.
8. Less homework, less of this deep deep question stuff, and more of just get through the text and understand it.

Nicole said...

1. The acting company went well. It was a fun and clever way to learn the acts.
2. The group was fine, and had a lot of ideas about what should be brought in and what we should look like. But the people were so afraid of looking like a fool that they didn't really act like their character.
3. Brainstorming ideas of what to bring in, like the fog machine.
4. The dancing. We should have rehearsed it more.
5. Allow us to pick our groups. When we are with people that we are more comfortable around, we perform much better.
6. I love the idea of acting companies for Act III.
7. Either act it out, or something completely different. Like a talk show or something.
8. I really like Macbeth, and I understand it really well. It's gory, filled with action and suspicion. I also like how Shakespeare put a different spin to the female characters. He gave Lady Macbeth a strong personality even though she is quite a vindictive villian. Though, I'm sure it would help to finish those videos to see how the characters would move and such while talking.

Jake H said...

Things went alright in my acting group. We had some creative trouble issues. I liked acting in the groups it made Macbeth easier to understand. One thing that went well in our group was that we were really flexable when things were a little off. I think we could have been more creative and made our scene more interesting. You and Mrs. Leclaire could let us pick the scene we want to act out and even let us pick our own groups. I would want a different group just to mix things up a bit. I think that we should mix something up a bit because it would be boring so easily. I understand Macbeth pretty well there is some language I dont understand but it catches on pretty fast.

JeniC said...

1. My acting company worked well together, we got our scene accomplished and i suppose that was the goal at hand.
2. I liked my group because the people in my acting company were really friendly and easy to work with.
3. We were able to all agree on what needed to be done and how we planned to do it.
4. I think that we probably could have found some ways to make our puppets a little bit more exciting.
5. I would love to be able to pick my acting group or at least pick a buddy to have in my acting group. I also think that we need to be able to spend more time getting everything together, and less time filling out papers that honestly feel kind of pointless to us.
6. It would really depend on what we would be doing. I didn't really like having to perform the scene, because it caused me to learn my scene really well, but most of the other scenes I didn't completely understand.
7. I would prefer to read them out loud like we did for act one because we talked through what was happening and it made it easier to understand, or to try something completely different. Acting out the scenes may have been fun, but it didn't really help me learn the scene.
8. I feel like I understood Act I well, because Mr.Ruggles explained what was happening and made it easy to follow along. Act II I sort of understand, it was hard trying to figure out what was happening just by hearing the text and watching a visual. I like watching the movie of Macbeth, because it helps to tie up alot of loose ends. As far as the week long homework, I like the concept. There are some days where I don't get home to do work until pretty late at night due to school activities and the week long homework provides me the opportunity to do homework when I am free to.

nilec said...

1. Our Acting Company worked really well together for the most part. We all contributed to the final presentation.
2. I like working in my group because we all understood the scene and got along.
3. The planning went well in our Company.
4. I think the whole project could have went better if we had more time to prepare.
5. If you allow us to pick our Companies we might work better together.
6. I would want to work in our Acting Companies again but maybe with different activities to portray the scenes.
7. I would want to do something different and really creative.
8. Macbeth is good. I just feel like we are doing a lot of busy work. Besides that everything is good.

michellev said...

1. I thought i didn't go to bad, but it took awhile to warm up to each other. So it took longer for ideas to be put in.

2.Yes, I thought t was a fun group and I enjoyed it.

3.Working together

4. The planning, and the props.

5.Give us more time.

6.I wouldn't mind working with them, but i would like to pick different groups for a change, but now that im used to that one, i wouldn't mind.

7.Something reading but i don't care.

8.I hate Macbeth, and the homework is a lot. I'm falling behind.

Liap said...

1. Working in my acting company went well. we all worked well together.
2. I liked working in the group, because working with people helps me to better understand the text.
3. We all worked well together and shared many ideas on how to approach the assignment.
4. Choosing our own acting companies would have been nice.
5. You could let us pick our own group.
6. Possibly, but I would rather not do another interpretive dance.
7. I think that doing something in between would be nice.
8. I like the week long homework aspect, but the assignments should be a little shorter.

samh said...

1. I enjoyed working in our acting companies for Act II. It went well and I feel like my group did a pretty good job.
2. I liked my group. Sometimes we were a little bit off task but I feel like we pulled it all together in the end.
3. One thing that went wel in my acting company is that everyone contributed and did what they were supposed to and brought what they were supposed to.
4. We could have stayed on task and not waited until the very last day to put everything together.
5. I cant really think of anything that you guys can do. Overall I think it went pretty well.
6. Yes I would want to work in our acting companies again for Act III but maybe change them up a bit. I liked how it brought a more creative side to reading the play.
7. I liked acting the scenes out the best. I'm a visual person and that helped me stay in tune with what was going on.
8. I am beginning to understand it more. I like the acting companies and the week long homework aspect. Overall everything is going well.

adamc said...

1.Things went fairly well in our group got a little off topic at times but really who didn't?
2. They were pretty fun but I am not a huge fan of the whole acting part. I like the group I was working with but i think it would have gone better had we gotten to pick our own groups.
3. We got the puppets done and were able to practice before we went.
4. Could have made our puppets better looking because our lack of artistic ability really showed.
5. Let us pick our own groups
6. Not really. I like the idea but doing the same thing over and over doesn't sound very entertaining.
7. I think for Act 3 we should do something in the middle because the acting companies got us involved but we got a little more understanding about all of the scenes with reading and explaining.
8. I like the week long home work but it still seams like a lot of work at times.

NowlanS said...

1. I believed working in acting companies was fun and productive.
2.I enjoyed my group a lot and thought the acting companies were fun.
3. Everyone contributed a substantial amount in our acting company.
4. I think we tended to sway off task may times in our acting company.
5. I do not believe there is much that can be done to improve the acting companies. I was happy with how they were.
6. Yes, I would like to work in my acting company for Act III
7. I think it would be nice to try something different but i would not mind acting it out again.
8.I am understanding Macbeth, all is well, and I do like the week long homework aspect.

elizabeth k said...

1. it went pretty well
2. we worked pretty well together and i did like working in a group. it helps us to understand the text better.
3. we all had really good creative ideas.
4. we could have spent more time practicing and less time on costumes.
5. i think that maybe letting us choose our own groups and giving us a little more time would be helpful.
6. yes, but maybe we could get to pick our groups.
7. i think that act three should be a combination of what we did for act one and act two.
8. im understanding it for the most part it is going good. i do like the week long homework.

KatieW said...

1. Working in our acting companies went pretty well.
2. I didn't really like working in groups because it was hard to get things done and not everyone contributed.
3. We got the act thing together.
4. I think that if we would have had more time to practice, and if I had been to all the classes where we got together, the final piece could have been better.
5. Maybe give us more guidelines and have them be more structured.
6. No
7. Something completely different.
8. The weeklong homework is good, and as for Macbeth, it is very confusing but I think the No Fear Shakespeare really helps.

meghank said...

1. It went very well; we all worked very well together and listened to each other’s ideas.

2. I enjoyed working with my group although it took us a long time to make decisions

3. I thought that our final performance was pretty good, there were some things that could have been better but for the most part it was good

4. We could have worked a little harder and made the final decisions about our performance earlier

5. I think it might help if we had a little more to go on, if we could see some examples from past years

6. I would want to work with my group again, we worked very well together

7. I think it would be fun to act them out again because it allowed us to be creative and it let us show others our end result

8. I am enjoying Macbeth a lot I just wish we read more than take notes. I also like the week long assignment idea as long as we stick with it every day

Allie~J said...

1: working with my acting company was good and it was tough but it payed off.
2: It was hard in the aspect that I was gone for the weekend so we couldn't work on the acting aspect but it worked out in te end.
3: We all worked hard and worked together, also we all had about the same track of mind.
4: I could havegotten our shorts that we were goingto wear and we could have maybe done a better job with our dancing.
5: It almost seemedlike we were rushed but also it was super fun.
6: Sure
7: I think we should paint a picture or draw something also we could maybe do something creative to represent something that is mainly in Act 3
8: I think that the long weekend homework was good but also I think we should do more creative writings and contraversial discussions or arumentative discussions.

Aaron H. said...

1.My acting company work very well for Act II.
2.I enjoyed working with them but I would rather act like we did for Act I.
3.We worked well together.
4.We needed more effort in what we did, more efficiency.
5.Maybe a whole class hour to work, instead of ten minutes at the end of class.
6.No I would rather act like we did for Act I.
7.Read aloud like Act I.
8.Everything is good I am understanding Macbeth, and I like the week long homework assignments