Friday, February 20, 2009

Mr. Ruggles Student Teaching Questionnaire

1. What is one thing that that Mr. Ruggles does well?
2. What is one thing that Mr. Ruggles can improve upon?
3. Rank these on a scale of one to five (with five being the highest) and leave a one sentence explanation explaining your number:

a. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ communication skills? (Verbal, nonverbal, written)
b. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ lessons (are they interesting and meaningful)
c. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ classroom management techniques
d. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ assessments (graded fairly, timely, and well done)
e. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ use of technology (website, PowerPoint, etc.)
f. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ attitude and excitement for teaching this class?

4. What is the most fun and/or meaningful activity that you have completed in this class? Why? 5. What assignment did you not enjoy? Why?
6. What else can I do to help you in the classroom?
7. What other comments or feedback do you want to give Mr. Ruggles?


RachelK said...

1. I think that one thing Mr. Ruggles does well is keeping our attention. We don't feel like falling asleep as much like some other classes. And he's making Macbeth more interesting than I thought it would be.
2.One thing that Mr. Ruggles can improve on is not giving us busy work. I know that it can pay off, but sometimes I think that finding quotes to write many essays isn't as appealing as let's say, acting or watching a film version of things (especially for Macbeth).
3.a.I would say a 3 because the ppts. are a little annoying to open on the webpage. It's easier to just take a glance at the webpage. And connect with the class more, and not be too harsh about rules like sitting in a different seat after attendance. Respect by the class won't work if he's too harsh.Otherwise, I think he does ok.
b.3-4 because sometimes the vocab and Macbeth lessons are interesting, but other times they just seem boring and filled with busy work.
c.5, he does pretty good at that.
d.4, sometimes they are a little confusing (direction wise), but I think the grading is fair.
e.5, he seems pretty good at that, too.
f.3, cause some days he can be a little harsh, other days, just super excited to be teaching the class. Connecting with the students should be connecting with all of the students, no favorites. Otherwise, it's ok.
4.The most fun/meaningful activity I've done in english so far with Mr. Ruggles would have to be the "What Are You Doing" acting game. I had a ton of fun with that.
5.The assignment I didn't enjoy so far would have to be the acting out of act 2,scene 1. I mean,it was kinda fun, and I have a great group, it's just I wasn't feeling it. In other words, not too into it.
6.The ways you can help me more is connecting more, being creative and fun! And also give us a point to the "busy work" before we even do it, and be enthusiastic,fun and creative about it. A "dead", boring teacher is no fun at all, and before you know it, everyone's asleep. :)
7. Other comments/feedback I want to give is for student teaching, he's doing really good. It might still be a little awkward having a different teacher than Mrs. Leclaire and not knowing us as well, but he's doing good.

Aaron H. said...

1.Mr. Ruggles is very good at explaining our homework, and class work.
2.Making the class more fun.
a. 5 Mr. Ruggles is very good at explaining our homework, and class work.
b. 4 they are meaningful but not very interesting.
c. 5 Mr. Ruggles keeps the class on task well.
d. 5 Mr. Ruggles grades fair but tough.
e. 5 Mr. Ruggles use technology very well.
f. 5 Mr. Ruggles seems very passionate about teaching.
4. Acting as a class because Macbeth becomes easier to understand and it is fun.
5. The CSAP essay because I had to keep rewriting it.
6. Mr. Ruggles is very good at helping with the class.
7. Relate to the class more

AprilH said...

1. One thing he does well is that he is organized and has a plan for what he is doing.
2. One thing he can improve on is explaining things well.
3.A. 3 because when he gives us our homework he should make in sure everyone understands it.
B. 3 because sometimes they aren't very interesting to me but they are meaningful because they have something to do with what we are learning.
C. 4 because he makes in sure the class is on task and that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.
D.5 because they are graded fairly and he gives great feedback.
E. 5 because he uses technology well.
F. 5 because he seems to like teaching and is very excited to teach us.
4. CSAP essay because you gave good feedback.
5. I didn't really enjoy the acting companies because I really didn't understand anything that was going on that people were acting out.
6. Just explain things well and explain why were are doing a certain activity.
7. You are doing a good job so far.

JasonV said...

1. You know what you want and you are nice to everyone.
2. Make directions a little clearer for group work etc.
a.4. You talk well and you are always enthusiastic
b.3: Sometimes I think that some of the lessons are a bit tedious and kind of busyworkish but they are alwyas to help further our understanding and that is good, most lessons are fun though.
c.4: Sometimes the class is a bit unruly but if you don't mind people talking when you do that's fine. You seem to have control over the class though.
d. 5: You grade harder than Mrs. Leclaire, but that's no big deal to me. You always give most stuff back on time which is more than I can say for most of my other teachers so I like that.
e.4:. You always use the powerpoint and even though I understand it is more work I prefer Mrs. Leclaire's way of posting the homework directly to the site instead of using the ppt again.
f.5:you are always very excited to teach the class.
4. I liked the group Act 2 presentations because even though I didn't realize it at the time, it was fun but I also have a better understanding of that act than any other act. I generally don't like finding quotes out of a book relating to a specific topic or whatever it is, but that's just me.
6. Just keep doing what you're doing, be a little clearer on lesson instructions
7. You seem like one of my regular teachers who has been teaching for a long time, not like a student teacher so that is good. You don't seem to ever have to talk to another teacher for clarification, you lead well and understand most everything kids ask you.

Anonymous said...

1. I think Mr. Ruggles does a good job of explaining Macbeth, and he is organized.

2. I agree with rachel that one thing to improve on would be not giving as much busy work, and give clearer directions especially for homework and group work.

a.I would say a 3 because directions are sometimes unclear. Also, for nonverbal i agree with Rachel that the website can be confusing because not all the slides are always in the ppt.
b. I would say a 2 because a lot of what we do is busywork that doesn't really hep us understand what's going on and what we're supposed to be doing. But i like that we do alot of work in groups.
c.a 4, i think he's pretty good at that.
d. 5. I like that we get work back pretty quickly and i think it's graded fairly. I like that we can turn in late work.
e. a 3-4, He's ok at it, sometimes the ppt is really helpful during class. Just what I said earlier about making sure it's all on the website and clearly listing homework.
f. 3-4. I think it's pretty easy to tell when he's in a bad mood and isn't excited to deal with us but usually he is like really really excited to be there.

4. I liked working in groups and acting companies because we got to have fun with eachother and we got a better understanding of what happened. Directions for those things could be clearer though.

5. I generally like/dont mind doing vocab exercizes and note cards. We have a week to do it and it's very straightforweard and it helps me understand the words.

6. make sure to explain directions clearly and use the website. Also, not giving busy work like finding quotes would be nice.

7. I think he's doing a pretty good job for having to come in and meet a bunch of new people and figure out how we do things in our class.

Macy said...

1. Has a good plan for the day.
2. Not giving us busy work, because I don't personally learn more that way.
a. 4 because he are very enthusiastic.
b. 3 sometimes they can be boring but then again it's Macbeth.
c. 3 or 4 because he keep the class on task most of the time.
d. 4 he grade fairly but tough, but that's good.
e. 5 he uses technology very well.
f. 4 he seems really excited to teach us.

4. I liked Act II acting groups, it made macbeth easier to understand.
5. I didn't like the CSAP writing as much because I had to re-wrte mine like 3 times.
6 & 7. Be a little clearer when explaining things.

KaleighD said...

1.) I think that one thing that Mr.Ruggles does well is he keeps our attention really well, because everyday he is so enthusiastic and not boring like some of our other teachers.
2>) One thing that Mr. Ruggles could work on is I agree with everyone who said Busy work. Alot of our assignmetns make us understand the meaning and Macbeth on a deeper level, but some of homework i thing unnessecary.
3.)a: 3-4, class explanation of our work is good and clear, but i don't like the power points on the website I prefer Mrs.Leclaire's method of the writing on the calander online.
3.)b:4 Many of Mr. Ruggle's lessons are useful and meaninigful. I like it when we act things out or relate macbeth to things we understand because we understand macbeth more.
3.)c: 4 I think Mr. Ruggles is a tough but fair grader which is good. We should get the grade we deserve.
3.) e: I really like Mrs. Leclaire's method of writing on the class calander more than the powerpoints.
3.)f: 4, I think Mr. Ruggles is always really enthusiastic and tries to come up with exciting exercises that we would like.
4.)The most fun activity and meaningful activity, I would have to say is acting scene's out in Macbeth because i am a visual learner so seeing it helps me understand the script better.
5.) The assignment's that I do not enjoy are always finding quotes and the CSAP essay because i had to redo mine like 3 times.
6.) Mr. Ruggles can help us by not giving us busywork, and do more visual stuff because i thin that helps the class understand more and it's fun which keeps us interested.
7.) Mr. Ruggles does a good job of student teaching and is going to make a very good full time teacher, he keeps the class interested and doesn't put us to sleep.

Shay N said...

1. You keep the class on topic and usually generate good discussion.
2. One thing you could improve on is explaining the directions a little clearer because the directions you give sometimes can be very confusing. Your fun to have in class but some times it seems as if you just want us to work without the work having any meaning.
3a. 4 You are more of a verbal teacher but when you just write the directions on the board it can sometimes be hard to understand.
3b. 3 We are looking for a lot of quotes and that can be frustrating especially when you gives us a lot to find.
3c. 4 You keep the class on topic and keep us moving from one activity to another.
3d. 4-5 You get the papers back quickly but you do grade hard. That isn’t a big deal though because you allow us to re-turn things in.
3e. 4 Everything is being used and keeping the class entertained.
3f. You always come to class with excitement and a high energy level witch makes the class more enjoyable.
4.The most enjoyable thing for me is watching the movie because we get to just sit back and relax.
5.I didn’t like the acting companies because if you were in a group that you would have chosen anyway you would tried harder and had more fun with it.
6.Try to have some kind of meaning for all the activities that we are doing so that we know why we are doing it.
7.Your doing a good job just try to make the activities a little more enjoyable

Nicole said...

1. He keeps our attention and is excited about what he is teaching.
2. Having the homework assignments on the website calendar. I undestand that it makes us pay attention to what we have to do, but this is a reassurance. Also, I feel like there are assignments where it feels like we're beating a dead horse. Like the Deep Deep Questions. We have gone back to that assignment countless times. It was for good reasons but again, it feels like we're beating a dead horse.
3. I would say 3.5. He connects with the students but.... It seems like there is a lot of fluff around the lesson. I like the straight to the point kind of things. Something I really liked is how he had us act the Macbeth scene in the Shakespeare way and in a Modern way.

a. 5 He's good at explaining things when people don't understand them.
b. 4 There is extra fluff on the edges in the lessons that he really doesn't need.
c. 5 He knows how to get control back when all chaos is released.
d. 5 He grades pretty fairly, it can take a couple of times to get it to his standard though.
e. 5 He uses lots of technology, especially powerpoints.
f. 4 Somedays it feels a little off for reasons I can't entirely explain. However, most of the time he's animated and ready to go.

4. I really liked watching the movies but also acting out the parts. It was fun and interesting to see the different ways characters could be portrayed. An assignment that I really didn't like was the Deep Deep Question. We just went back to it too many times. At first it was fun and thought provoking but it just got annoying after a while.
6. Cut the fluff and the busy work. I feel fine with everything else.
7. Don't give us too much homework to do. Remember English is not the only class we have to take.

elizabeth k said...

1) He keeps our attention.

2) He picks favorites and is very moody. (I dont really know if you could change this but thats just what I think. Maybe you could just be a little more even tempered and try to treat everyone the same and not pick favorites.)

3a) 4 i think that he is pretty good with comunicating with us.

3b) 2 I dont think that they are very meaningfull. It is mostly busy work and i am getting very frustrated and bored with the assignments in this class.

3c) 4-5 he manages our class pretty well.

3d) 3 they are graded fairly but is almost all busy work. Especially finding quotes.

3e) 4 its good

3f) 2 as i said before he is kinda moody and i think it would be a lot better if he was more even tempered.

4) i loved the memoirs because that is the kind of writing that i am best at.

5) i did not enjoy the deep deep questions.

6) dont pick favorites and dont make us do acting companies ever again.

7) nothing really

Jake H said...

1. I think that Mr. Ruggles does well is getting everyone involved. He calls on a lot of different people not just the same people all the time.
2. One thing he can improve on is maybe mixing up the class. Instead of us always going into our acting companies we should maybe do some partner projects.
3.a. I would say abour a 3 or a 4 because sometimes he doesn't always put up the homework and when he does its in the powerpoint and thats really confusion. But he does a good job of explaing the homework in class.
b. I would say a 4. Some of the things we do in class are interesting, but I feel we do the same stuff every week and it gets sort of boring.
c.A 7.
d.A 6. I think that on some assignments he grades a little harsh but he does it in a timely way.
e. 3. I think that he can actually put our homework on the website not on the powerpoint. Also he can make a more of a variety in the powerpoints.
f.a 5. He seems really excited about class.
4. The acting exercises because we were up and moving not just sitting listening to other people talk for the whole day.
5.The csap writings. It jsut seemed like busy work. I didn't like how he made us redo them if we didnt get a 4.
6. Making a little variety in the class.

Liap said...

1. Mr. Ruggles is very peppy and excited about life so early in the morning.
2. I think that a good focus would be more fun activities and less busy work.
3. a. 3- Sometimes directions are a little confusing, and his explanations of Macbeth don't really make sense.
b. 2- The lessons are sometimes not very interesting and with Macbeth it feels like we talk about the same things over and over again and it can get very boring and not meaningful at all. (Sorry just being honest)
c.4- Pretty well, it just seems like he gets frustrated a little too easily.
d. 5- They seem normal I suppose.
e. 3- I think that the website could use more directions for assignments when we need them.
f. 4 - He seems excited but the excitement doesn't really show through in the lesson plans.

4. The most fun activity was the interpretive dance, because it gave us a little room for freedom and creativity.

5. The Deep, deep questions. They aren't deep enough to keep my interest and we keep coming back to them, which gets old.

6. Give more fun activities that keep us interested and make us think.

7. -

adamc said...

1. He is very good at keeping our attention and explaining our work.
2. One thing to improve on is not as much busy work and shorting down our homework assignments.
3. a. 3 sometimes it is a little unclear about what we are doing but you can usualy figure it out easily.
b. 2 sometimes they get a little long and lecturey.
c. 4 He keeps us on task pretty well.
d. 3 sometimes it is a little unclear about what we are doing but i do think that he grades fairly.
e. 3 The use of the powerpoint is good but it doesn't seem that we are using our laptops really at all anymore but to do assignments.
f. 5 He does have a lot of excitement for teaching the class
4. I liked the acting games cause you got to get up and be loud.
5. My least favorite was when we had to pick out the power and greed quotes because they were just busy work.
6. Let us pick our own groups
7. Other comments is that i would not like as much busy work and be able to work with friends.

Allie~J said...

1- the way you communicate sometimes is good but also you make class funny sometimes which helps us not fall asleep.
2- pick on more of a variety of people, tell us why were doing the homework your giving us because it seems like busy work and relize that, yes, we have lives out of school and English class.
3- a.3, somtimes you communicate well and other times it's like what? why are we doing this?
b. 2, for me personally it seems like you will get more out of us if you make your lessons and disscusions more into arguments or disscusions than you just asking questions all the time and then us not giving you anything.
c. 4, you keep the classroom in pretty good shape.
d. 4, they are on time when we get them back and they seem like they are graded fairly.
e. 3, I think that you use it well it's just easier when I can look on the website and know what our homework is or when a quiz is it's just harder to look on the powerpoint because sometimes it's not updated.
f. 4, you need to work on being m ore exciting and more almost peppy but not exactly.
4- The memoirs, I love writing but more like free writing that is what brings me out more so you can see more of me and my skills.
5- deep deep questions, I don't like finding quotes or analyzing them especially shakespeare.
6- just relize that we have lives outside of English and school and that yes you can give us extesions but that doesn't always help.
7- nothing just be more exciting and possibly unpredictable but not too unpredictable.

Emma said...

1) one thing that I think that Mr. Ruggles does well is having a plan for what to do in class. He Allways has everything planned out.
2) One thing i think he could improve on is giving us busy work. Some of the work that we get doesn't seem like its necessary.
3)a. 4 He's pretty good with explaining our hw to us but sometimes he doesn't allways put the power point online when we need it.
b. 3-4 because some of the lessions are interesting but then some of them can be boring and seem like its busy work. Like when he had us find a lot of quotes.
c. 5 He manages everything pretty well
d. 5 he grades fair but kind of tough.
e. 5 He is very good with technology
f. 5 He allways seems excited and happy about being there
4. My favorite was probably acting out our scene from Macbeth because it made it a lot more interesting and fun. Also it helped me understand Macbeth a lot better.
5. I didn't like the CSAP essyas because i kept having to rewrite it a lot.
6. Doing more creative acticities in class that will make it more fun and less boring. And once again less busy work becuase it can be a pain to have to do a bunch of extra work that doesn't feel like its necessary.

samh said...

1. One thing Mr. Ruggles does well is he comes up with creative ways to apply what we are learning so he's not just standing in front of the class lecturing, its more interactive.
2. One thing to improve on is less busy work.
3.a. I would say a 4. Verbally I think he gets his point across and we know what we need to do. But some of the written stuff could be improved on.
b. 4. The lessons most of the time are interestiing but sometimes could be a little more entertaining. Overall though they keep us pretty interested.
c. 5 I think he keeps the class under control and everyone respects him.
d. 5 I think his assesments are fair and timly. Everything seems to be graded fairly.
e. 4 I think his use of technology is good, but its kind of a pain to have to open the powerpoints. It would be easier if the homework was just posted right on the calendar. Also, using the updated version of Microsoft Word doesn't allow many people to open documents at home.
f. 5, He comes in everyday egar and excited to teach the class.
4. The assignment that was the most fun was acting out Act 2 of Macbeth in our acting companies.
5. I don't like the busy classwork that we have to do. And expanding on our deep deep questions is not very fun to me. I don't enjoy finding quotes to support our assignments for Macbeth either.
6. I think you can help in the class by always staying creative with your lessons and assigments. Make things more fun for us so we're actually interested in what we're doing.
7. I'd say just keep up the good work and keep using hands on activites so we aren't always doig busy work.

michellev said...

1. I think Mr. Ruggles knows what he is trying to do, and he is actually trying to be a good teacher, hes not just blowing things off and he is organized.

2. One thing Mr. Ruggles could work on is making class a little more interesting were I', excited to go to class, not dreading it, and not giving so much busy work, doing things over and over and explaining every detail gets old.

a: 3 because I feel the homework he gives us is a little confusing, and where to find it is also confusing.
b: 3 I think some are boring, and when they are given he doesn't always give enough time. But don't get me wrong there are some interesting things that we do in the class, like the vocab things.
c: 5 He seems to have everything organized, and has a plan for everyone.
d: 4 it just could be better.
e: 3 The power points in class are nice, but on the website, i don't not like that at all. I like just going to the website to see the homework.
f: 3 He can be harsh and sometimes he doesn't seem really happy and if someone says something not that bright he gives them that look, like that was stupid. Than he seems to have favorites..
4. Acting Macbeth, it's more understandable if you can see it being acted out, not just read.
5. I didn't enjoy getting 10 quotes from the book, that was WAY to many quotes to find, in just 2 acts.
6. To do less busy work, and connecting with us more. Than less busy work.
7. I think he is doing a good job for student teaching, since hes new to it and he just needs to learn how to relate to the class room more, and figure out whats busy work and what's not. But very organized.

JeniC said...

1. Mr. Ruggles takes the time to get class input on a lot of things, having us do this blog is a great example.
2. One thing that he could improve on is making sure that any busy work that we do is really worth our time.
a. A 3 because while he has great verbal skills, some of his written explanations can he hard to follow without his verbal explanation.
b. A 3 because most class periods are meaningful and interesting, but sometimes it feels like a lot of busy work.
c. A 5 because he keeps the class on task.
d. A 4 because he gets our assessments back to us quickly, however I think that on some of the Macbeth quizzes he should be open to a wider variety of answers.
e. A 3 because the ppts are helpful, but they are really a pain to have to open and search for the right day just to see your homework.
f. A 3 because he always has a positive point of view on how he wants the day to go, but like the rest of us he has his days when he's not in a great mood.
4. The most meaningful thing for me so far has probably been just watching the film of Macbeth because it showed me how others might have viewed a scene and ties together any loose ends.
5. I didn't like the deep deep questions because we went back to them so many times and I didn't gain anything going back to them over and over again.
6. Make sure that if someone were to ask you "Why are we doing this?" that you would have a strong answer. If your answer seems weak then it usually feels like busy work to us.
7. He's doing a great job so far; just make sure our assignments are worthwhile.

BrianW said...

1. What he does well is putting together a good activity plan for the class.
2. Making his directions allot clearer
3. A 2 I really don’t like the written power points to check on line I think that each slide per day should be under the right day not on Monday when its Friday having to scroll through them all is tedious, but the verbal is good.
B.4 I think they’re pretty meaningful I just wish there was more visual learning like the walking activities.
C.5 he walks around and checks on students work and helps out.
D. 4 I thinks it’s good except when we turn something in and it comes back with very little feedback about why we got marked off.
E .5 pretty good.
F. 3 not to be harsh but I think it would be nicer if you could cheer up a little more. Just like sometimes when we walk into class and you’re already grumpy.
4. The acting companies I feel like I really know act 2
5. Um I would have to say the deep deep questions they really didn’t have to do with anything we were doing at the time.
6. Explain Macbeth a little more
7. Hes doing a pretty good job for his first year and it feel like he’s been are teacher for first semester but we haven’t been his students, we know him but I don’t think he knows us all that well. i think it would be better if he was a little clearer.

NowlanS said...

1. He is nice and easy to work with if a problem came up or if something was not quite clear
2. Some of the work can seem to be tedious. It is for a broader picture but sometimes it does not seem to help the broad understanding of the topic. It can be a good thing to do after the broad subject is understood.
a. 4.5 he is clear on what he wants and explains them in a easy to understand way. There are sometimes some confusions however.
b. 4 Most of all his lessons seem to have a purpose towards the broader understanding of the subject but some things can be tedious.
c. 5 the class is always in order and he holds his authority in a respectful way but does not overuse his authority over his students.
d. 5 I believe he grades fair and clearly states his measurements and expectations for grading.
e. 5 He uses technology well and incorporates it smoothly into the class.
f. 5 He is excited and enthusiastic about all subject matters he teaches

4. The acting out of Act 2 scenes was fun and had a clear purpose of helping us to understand the scenes in that Act. I felt ii understood that Act thoroughly.

5. I did not enjoy the pulling the quotes out of the book on power and greed because it just seemed like busy work for no reason at the time.

6. You could explain the reason we are doing some of the assignments so we can have a better understanding to how it will help our learning of the subject.

7. So far so good.

annies said...

1. I think one thing Mr. Ruggles does well, as Rachel said, he keeps our attention. I liked doing the acting companies. I would rather do that then just listen to a teacher talk about it and tell us what to think. When we read it for ourselves, we can think what we want.
2. One thing that Mr. Ruggles can improve on is not giving busy work. It seems like we do a lot of that during class when we could be working on other things for Macbeth. I also don't like looking for a gazillion quotes just to put into something for 5 points. If we're re-reading the scenes looking for quotes, we should get more points than that. I also think that he shouldn't stop to talk about Macbeth after almost every single line; well, every time someone talks. Because as soon as i start to understand it, We stop and have to talk about what it means and it just frusterates me.
3. a. I would have to say a 3.5 because I like having the powerpoints but i would rather have someone talking to me about things than just having the screen up there and having the teacher just having it up there for us to comprihend. I also agree with Rachel when I think it would be easier to just look at the web page to see what we have coming up and what the homework is.
b. 3 because sometimes they're fine and sometimes they're good, but other times, they just feel like busy work. I hate busy work. I don't feel like it ever even helps. It might in the long run, but sometimes I don't even know what we're doing some of this for. But some of the assignments are fun. Like acting out our scenes in Macbeth and sometimes the vocab activities are fun.
c. 3 because a lot of people back-talk and then there is just a little "tiff" for nothing. I don't think it's necessary to let one person do one thing that someone else just got in trouble for. That will make us not respect him as much because then it won't be fair to the people who got in trouble. It's hypocritical in a way. And that drives me crazy!
d. I don't know how long Macbeth is supposed to take, but we're only on act 3 and it seems like we should be further than that. But I don't know how long it's supposed to take. I also don't think that some of the things we do in class are worth enough. We spend a long time on some of these things and then they're only worth 5-10 points. But some things are worth a fair amount of points.
e. 4.5 because he's pretty good with technology. But no offence, we can all do Power Points, so that doesn't get extra points. Well I guess it could because almost all teachers don't use them in class. Most classes don't even have laptops. If someone has a problem with the laptops, he usually knows what to do about it.
f. 4.7 because it always seems like he's excited to be there. But when he collects something, and there aren't a lot of papers there, he seems disappointed with the class. Other than that he seems to lie being there.
4. I like the playlist one because we can bring our own interpretation of Macbeth into it. But I didn't like that we had to bring in two quotes from it for each song.
5. I just don't mind having to find quotes really, but I would rather have to find examples instead because sometimes it's hard to find the exact quote, but it's easy to remember what happened and then we can just use that instead of a quote.
6. I agree with Rachel when she says that before we do what we consider "busy work", he should explain to us why we're doing it. Because if he knows the point for it, it's not useful to us because we have no idea why we're doing this and what we're doing it for and how it will benefit us.
7. He's doing really well. It must have been hard to walk into a class full of English 10 students not knowing what to expect if this is his first time doing something like this. But I think he did a good job.

KatieW said...

1. Mr. Ruggles is good at coming up with different activities to keep us interested for each topic.
2. Mr. Ruggles can improve on maybe lowering the amount of homework a little bit.
a. 5 Everything was clear when explained.
b. 4 Most of the times they were interesting but there were a few ones that felt like busy work.
c. 5 Everyone listened when he wanted them to.
d. 5 If there was something wrong, I liked how you let us talk to you about it and try to make it up.
e. 5 The powerpoints always were interesting to look at, very creative.
f. 5 Mr. Ruggles never seemed angry or grumpy, but always happy to be there and to be teaching.
4. Some of the activities we do to understand Macbeth better were the most meaningful because they helped me a lot.
5. I didn't enjoy the group work with the Macbeth because I feel like a lot of time was wasted.
6. I cannot think of anything else.
7. I think you are a good student teacher and I can tell that you spend a lot of time trying to think of fun ways to teach the learning goal each day and it makes a difference so thank you!

meghank said...

1. I think that Mr. Ruggles does well with having something new for us to do every day.

2. I think one thing Mr. Ruggles could do better is explaining homework better to the class.

a. A 3 because instructions could be clearer.
b. A 4 because most of the time they are meaningful but sometimes I feel like it is just busy work.
c. A 5 because for the most part he keeps the class together and focused.
d. A 2 because some things like the blogs and the csap essay are/were graded a little too harshly.
e. A 4 because he uses the power point well but not the website when it comes to homework.
f. 5 I can tell he really loves to teach.

4. I like the acting companies because it gave us a chance to connect with others about the play.

5. When we had to find quotes about power and greed because I felt like it could have been made more fun.

6. I think just explaining things more would help.

7. He is doing extremely well for coming into a class that he doesn't know at all in the second semester of the year.

jamieG said...

1.What is one thing that that Mr. Ruggles does well?
Get’s us involved.

2. What is one thing that Mr. Ruggles can improve upon?
Making it interesting (even though there’s absolutely no way to make Macbeth interesting)

2.Rank these on a scale of one to five (with five being the highest) and leave a one sentence explanation explaining your number:

a. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ communication skills? (Verbal, nonverbal, written)
(8) He does a good job of getting his point across.

b. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ lessons (are they interesting and meaningful)
(5) their sort of hard to be in tuned, or maybe it’s just me.

c. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ classroom management techniques
(7) There fine and we always finish on time

d. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ assessments (graded fairly, timely, and well done)
(3) only cause there a different level of comprehension

e. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ use of technology (website, PowerPoint, etc.)
(8) it’s a computer class os that’s good enough for me.

f. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ attitude and excitement for teaching this class?
(10) Very enthusiastic!

4. What is the most fun and/or meaningful activity that you have completed in this class? Why?
Memoirs, because they always give me an opportunity to open and release my mind onto a piece of paper.

5. What assignment did you not enjoy? Why?
MACBETH, because I can’t stand Shakespeare.

6. What else can I do to help you in the classroom?
Not do Macbeth.

7. What other comments or feedback do you want to give Mr. Ruggles?
I really am a good student and completly in love with English, but when it comes to Shakespeare, you’re not going to be able to get me involved.