Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SAS® Curriculum Pathways® Writing Reviser - Writing Reviser

What did you think of using the SAS® Curriculum Pathways® Writing Reviser?

In what ways was it helpful?

In what ways was it not helpful?

What can we / the software do to help you continually improve upon your writing?


RachelK said...

1. I though the software was ok. I thought it was cool how it could detect a ton of things in our drafts like repetition, sentence variety (bar graphs), etc.
2. It was helpful with repetition, transitions, clauses, and a lot more.
3. It was a little confusing on how to fix things, and sometimes a little overwhelming. A little bit of it didn't make sense, but I eventually figured most things out.
4. Keep on giving us suggestions (teachers) and it would be cool for the software to give us suggestions.That would make it a lot easier to have a few sueggestions.

alenav said...

What did you think of using the SAS Online Editing Software?
It was helpful and allowed me to edit and produce a better essay by correcting my errors and defineing my sentences.

In what ways was it helpful?
Correcting sentence structure and details.

In what ways was it not helpful?
I can't think of any

What can we / the software do to help you continually improve upon your writing?
Making sure that the structure is correct and that sentences have depth.

adamc said...

I like the software. It was helpful because it told you what was wrong in a little bit better way then just a grammar or a spell check. I didn't like how it didn't really tell you ways that would make it better. Something that i think would be helpful is after using the software have someone else edit your paper to make it almost perfect.

JasonV said...

1. I thought that it helped a lot because it edited for a lot of things that my teachers look for that I don't necessarily look for when I edit by myself.
2. It was helpful by highlighting what I needed to fix and explaining it well.
3. It didn't explain things in great detail and I had trouble figuring out what parallelism was.
4. Teach us more vivid verbs and better grammar etc.

georged said...

This software is very helpful and a great revising tool! This software helps especially for passive voice and clauses to make the writing more powerful. It was least helpful when the software froze. Also, it would be helpful if the software could simply fix your writing rather than only say what is wrong. We should continue to use this software for all of our writing

annies said...

I really liked the SAS Online Editing Software. I didn't know that I didn't need all of those "that's" and the essay would still make sense. It was not helpful, though, in the fact that it didn't really tell me how to fix it. I had to figure it out myself and sometimes I didn't know what to edit the "that" or "which" into. The software/you can do to help is have a better explanation of where we were lacking in our essays... if that makes sense.

Emma said...

What did you think of using the SAS Online Editing Software?
I liked it, it really helped me see what was wrong with my essay. I thought it was pretty cool how the software could so quickly find the mistakes in my paper.

In what ways was it helpful?
It showed me all of the things that i could correct and work on in my essay and gave me an idea of what i needed to improve.

In what ways was it not helpful?
Some of the things it told me to correct were already correct but otherwise it was mostly right.

What can we / the software do to help you continually improve upon your writing?
Both you and the software can help me see what is wrong with my essay and what i need to correct so that I can write a good essay.

Liap said...

1. I thought that the software eas very interesting and helpful to work with. It helped me see some things I wouldn't have caught.
2. The software was helpful in that it saw tiny little things that could easily have been overlooked by humans. It also made it easy to fix these errors, with helpful advice.
3. It didn't register some sentences that I noticed were fine the way they were as being okay. It couldn't make the distinction a writer could have.
4. The software is extremely helpful the way it is now.

KatieW said...

My that ghts on using the SAS Online Editing Software were that it was mostly helpful, but a little overwhelming. It helped out with overused words and little things I could quickly change in order to make my essay better. What I did not like about it was the fact that it overwhelmed me. After spending a few hours on an essay and then having this editor say that you need to change over half of it is very irritating. Even though it is trying to help with editing papers, I think it is almost too complex and confusing. To help continually improve my writing, I like feedback from humans because they understand my thoughts more than a computer, but as for the computer being helpful, it works with grammar things.

Anonymous said...

I think that using this software was very helpful. It helped me see where i was being repetive and where my sentences were too simple.

The one thing i did not like was that i do not know the meaning of the terms they used, so it was confusing when i was trying to edit.

I think this is a really good way to edit, it goes faster than peer editing and you know it's right. but getting feedback from real people is helpful because they know where you're at and they can give simpler suggestions.

BrianW said...

I though it was very helpful and easy to use to correct your work. It was helpful because it showed you what was wrong and how to fix it. It could have been clearer on explaining how to fix your work. Keep using this to start fixing our work until we don’t make these mistakes anymore.

meghank said...

1. I liked using the softwear. It was fairly easy to use and it was more enjoyable than doing it by

2. It helped me really focus on what I needed to fix in my essay.

3. It doesn't help with how to fix your problems that your having.

4. If it just gave some suggestions on how to fix the things that it points out to you.

Jake H said...

1. I thought it was really cool on being able to tell us what we were doing wrong and what we can fix.

2. I thought the software was alright. I helped me understand the different ways I can start a sentence off.

3. It was very difficult to fix things. It gave me a lot of different mistakes but didn't give me any options to fix them.

4. You can help us by giving us options to change our writing and not by just showing us what we did wrong.

Macy said...

I thought SAS Online Editing was helpful. It definitely improved my writing. But some of the closer look tabs, like parallesim and modifiers were confusing and I did not understand them. The software should of given us exmaples to change our errors, it would have been easier. Overall, it was very helpful.

Allie~J said...

It helped me alot and I didn't have to use up as much time searching for the mistakes. My only problem with it is that it would catch things in quotes and I wouldn't relize it till I had already fixed it. ALso you have to keep flipping back and forth between your microsoft document and the site. It just gets annoying. Try not to find problems in the quotes, and it would help if maybe the quotes were highlighted.

AprilH said...

1. I thought that it was very helpful. I liked how it highlighted the words or sentences for you.
2. It detected sentence variety, transitions,repetition, clauses, voice and verbs.
3. I thought it was helpful.
4. You should have us do this anytime we have a paper because it helps. Also, give us suggestions on how to make it better.

NowlanS said...

I really liked the SAS Online Editing Software. It helped me see the erros in my paper and helped me realize the errors of my writing. It was not helpful in that I, for the most part, had trouble figuring out how to fix my mistakes. To help with my writing I think I need class time to fix and revise my own writing.

elizabeth k said...

I thought it was a good idea. I really liked the help that it gave you and the explinations of what you need to fix. Some of the words or sentences that needed fixing were confusing on what was supposed to be fixed. Make it more simple for us please.

JeniC said...

I thought that the software was helpful because it caught a lot of things that may be wrong in a draft that I would have completely missed on my own. It was hard to know how to fix the errors it found though. I wish it had suggestions on how to fix your specific problem instead of just random examples. The software really helped me look at repetition of words and the graph for sentence variety was really neat. Over all I really liked using it.

KaleighD said...

1. I thought that the software was a really good eye opener. I never noticed how much i used the same words and same verbs, it pointed out to me how much i need to put more variety in my writing.
2. One thing I think the sophware can do better in vague word choice
3. One thing it could do to be better is that maybe it could have a word choice editor and a list of words that are better and can replace the vague word.

Nicole said...

It was intersting to see what it could do. However, I got frustrated at it quite quickly.

It pointed out different errors that I wouldn't have seen before.

When I tried to chang something like sentence structure and length it would still say it was incorrect and I could not figure out why.

The software could be more specific. After a while it becomes tedious and aggrivating. I would much rather have a person give me SPECIFIC comments first.

Mark W said...

I liked the software because it noticed some mistakes like passive voice and sentence variety that aren't easy to detect. Unfortunately, some of the weak verbs couldn't be replaced and some sentences needed to be 5 words long. Something the software can do is to make the website easier to work with.

Shay N said...

I thought it was really cool how it could detect things that we need to work on. It was helpful because it helped me vary my sentence structure and verbs. It wasn’t helpful because sometimes the way it wanted to change the sentence into something that didn’t make sense. The software could be improved by having the sentences make sense and by giving an example of a way that we could fix the problem it detected.

Aaron H. said...

I thought the SAS was very good. The software help point out a lot of mistakes that I had. However, the software also pulled up a lot of things that were really correct. All in all, though, I really enjoyed the software.